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About Us

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About Us


We are a team of English speaking Muslims who have joined together with the purpose of providing free online courses.

We are students of Islamic knowledge and have taught others how to read and recite the Holy Quran.

After teaching our own students we decided to try to transfer our teaching methods into an online format so that our students could access the lessons online at any time.

Please be aware that the level of tajweed taught in these webinars is a very elementary level with very simplified explanations. Our aim is to get people to read with minimal mistakes as quickly as possible. Some tajweed courses go into very detailed rules and explanation which take a great deal of study and research.

However from our experience the majority of Muslims we have met do not even know their is a basic level of required recitation and we hope our site may help these people to start the journey to learning tajweed.

While we ourselves were learning we found it difficult to find online sites which were clear and concise for English speakers. Also levels varied from too basic to too advanced.

So we decided to try and develop webinars which started from absolute basics and gradually built up to a very elementary level of tajweed. We wanted to explain each concept with video and audio as reading lots of text based pages is difficult. We simplified explanations as many sites use complicated English and terminology’s.

PLEASE NOTE: Our courses are designed to get you to a level of knowlegde where you can be prepared to learn with a professional teacher/sheik. Once you have completed our courses you must then go to a teacher who can listen to you one-to-one and correct your mistakes.

Insha-Allah we pray that Allah (swt) grants us success in this project...


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